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Intelligent, Digital Energy for Everyone

Electric Panel

Problem: Residential and Small Commercial Energy is Analog, not Connected, Digital, nor Intelligent.

Eflex Intelligent Energy Systems
are the answer.


Maximize the value of clean, renewable energy sources like solar, and loads like HVAC and Electric Vehicles (EV's)

How does it work?

Clean Energy Smart Panel

What makes Eflex smart?

1. Turns off non-critical loads per Customer Priorities

2. Monitors Energy Production and Consumption

3. Intelligent Gateway that Connects customers and providers to the Energy System

Flexible Install: Full Clean Energy Panel or Clean Energy Module with your existing panel, Indoor/Outdoor & Three-Phase Compatible

Patents Pending

Mobile App

What makes Eflex better?

1. Automation - Functions automatically in the background

2. Simplicity - Single, patent-pending slider system control

3. Elegance – System status at a glance with Manual control when desired

Clean Energy Module

Eflex is universally compatible and will work with any system that uses standard line-voltage loads and energy sources (solar or hybrid inverters, battery storage systems, generators, or otherwise).  

We can even integrate into your OEM system.

Patents Pending

Cloud Integration

Global connectivity and control

IoT Integration and Augmentation
(like Amazon Alexa)

Eflex Supports All Four Pillars of
Clean Energy
Reduces consumption.

Operates needed loads during favorable times.

Maximizes value and protection of clean, renewable energy sources like solar and loads like EVs.

Maximizes value of energy storage to coordinate energy consumption, production, and export with optional active grid management, VPP integration, and support.

Full Energy Generation Monitoring (Grid, Solar, Battery, Generator), and Control On and Off Grid


Making existing and new clean energy installations "Smart"

Helping to expand Clean Energy Adoption, upgrade existing systems to Eflex Smart Energy, and lower Carbon Dioxide emissions through energy savings!

Easy installation and integration with Utility, EV's, Solar, Storage & Generators
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Easy installation and integration with Utility, EV's, Solar, Storage & Generators
Intelligent Digital Electrical
Energy for Everyone
Monitoring, Savings, Protection, Load Control, and IoT Devices
Installation & Integration with Utility, EV's, Solar, Storage & Generators
Clean Energy
Add Maximum Solar and Battery Power without Adding Utility Service

Who we are...

Our leadership team consists of dedicated Silicon Valley professionals with Global experience making a difference in the clean energy space for over 30 years.

Andrew Winter, Ph.D.,
Chairman & CEO

Andrew has over 30 years of experience from Start-ups to Fortune 500 companies as a CEO, CFO, and C-Level Consulting Firms including Energy, High Tech,  Financial Services, and Healthcare sectors.  He is currently the Chairman and CEO of Eflex, solving clean energy problems and driving company growth, adoption, and value with a hands-on, team-enabling leadership style.

David Miles,

David has extensive experience in Direct & Channel Sales, Operations, Revenue origination and Project Management including extensive work since 2006 in the Renewable Energy Sector.  He has highly technical data center collocation sales and SaaS sales with Big 5 accountancies and Fortune 100 clients. David is focused on the global renewable energy markets and has closed or managed over $1B in revenues for technology and EPC companies.

Trevor Frank, COO
& Head of Engineering

Trevor has over 30 years of experience ranging from Automotive, Semiconductors, Combinatorial Chem, Fuel Cells, and Solar to Photochromics, Energy Management, and Inverters / Battery Storage.  He has provided leadership and engineering to dozens of companies from multiple Start-ups to Fortune 500s, through acquisitions and operational growth, manufacturing, and quality in the C-suite and on the factory floor.

Yvon Araktingi, Ph.D.
Board of Directors

Yvon is a highly skilled management and quality professional and certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt. Yvon has over 30 years of industry experience in electronics, energy, and photonics spanning all functions and has led over 250 projects delivering for companies from start-ups like Ultracell and SP Passive to Fortune 50s like Chevron and Honeywell..

Eflex Channel Partners
“Eflex focuses on developing deep and productive relationships with our Channel Partners to deliver the most value to our end users.  We work closely to understand the systems our Partners are using and selling, and integrate closely with those systems through our software to ensure the easiest possible installation and set-up along with the best customer experience and performance.  If you are a volume clean energy channel and wish to explore joining our existing Channel Partners as an Eflex Channel Partner, please contact our CCO, David Miles to learn more.”
Contact David
David Miles, CCO & EVP
Please contact us so we can explain the simplicity and benefits of our system. We have studied the marketplace extensively and realized what was missing in the clean energy space. Thanks!
Contact Andrew
Andrew Winter, Ph.D., CEO
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Eflex is the simple and easy solution to create your intelligent, digital smart home and small business today!